Now everything had to happen very fast. While all of cultural Europe – if not the whole world – is snorting and groaning under the constraints of governments, AT PAVILLON have a message for you: MOVE ON. Even if there are no more concerts, no more performances, no more music, but at most only Biedermeier, the four indie-dandies are chanting to you: Look ahead, read between the lines and do not believe in the fake news of your timeline. Feed your self-esteem and not your fear. Together we can do everything. And one must be that honest: The track has been in the pipeline for a few weeks – but now the moment has come. That’s why Mwita Mataro locked himself in a basement with a six-pack of Corona and cinematographer Gabriel Hyden and together they shot the video for “Move On”, which is now being released way ahead to give the hoped-for consolation.