After the success of the previously released singles “All Eyes On You”, “Stop This War” and “Lions”,all of which received worldwide airplay and generated hundreds of thousands of clicks on YouTube and Spotify, the album opener “Believers” does not even need 40 seconds to take off and carry us into one of the most exciting records of the year 2019. Just 40 minutes later it is crystal clear that there are all killers and no fillers. The romantic rebels of At Pavillon are really delivering the goods – not only do they look unbelievably good, but also offer a message. The four band members have their roots in Austria, Germany, Iran and

Tanzania: a palpable theme throughout Believe Us, unfolding before us as a kind of concept album. With an eye on self-empowerment, it tackles heavy topics such as immigration, xenophobia and fleeing from misery, but also gender equality and overcoming unnecessary boundaries of the mind. Still, Believe Us is fun, brightly shining, glamorous and excitingly entertaining rather than relying on moralising undertones, a result of its terrific hook lines as well as prevailing funky grooves making you want to dance throughout – perhaps with the exception of two touchingly beautiful ballads (“Cindy”, “Vienna”).

Believe Us is POP, in capital letters; POP with attitude; and you better believe us!